Basic Skin Care Questions Answered

Beautiful woman poses with flowerYou’ve heard it all –wash your face thoroughly, exfoliate, moisturize, and eat healthy but are these the only things you should do to care for your skin?

Here are a few of the questions asked by many women (and men) around the world regarding their skin.

Do I need eye cream?

Yes. Eye skin has no fatty tissues which mean they will get wrinkles first before the rest of your body does.

Do I need to apply toner?

Not really. This is something that might outrage many aestheticians but toners will only make your skin dry. In fact, even if you have super oily skin, it will manage to make your skin very dry and dry skin is not good at all.

Inexpensive skin careHow about sunscreen?

Dermatologists say that this should be the most important part of your skin care regimen because the sun’s rays can damage your skin and make aging faster.

Should I purchase exfoliants?

There are some very nice exfoliants out there but getting yourself a sea salt scrub is just as good. This will even out your skin tone and make your skin look better. It is advised that you moisturize after doing the scrub so that the skin gets hydrated.

Is bathing in hot water good for the skin?

No it is not. Lukewarm water is good during the winter so you do not freeze but hot water will damage your skin and make it dry.

What’s the best night-time cream I can use?

The ultra-rich cream formula from Olay called Olay Regenerist is a good product. This works well in moisturizing the skin and diminishing wrinkles or fine lines. It won the Readers’ Choice Award in Allure Magazine in 2010.

Putting some olive oil on the skin is also a good idea. Other oils you can use include virgin coconut oil or a mix of essential oils such as Rodin Olio Lusso.

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