How To Firm An Aging Neck

Aging gets us no matter what we do. We get wrinkles on our face and even have to deal with wrinkles on other parts of our bodies –which can be rather annoying.

If you already start to have wrinkles on your neck, do not worry, there is a way for you to get younger skin back on that part of your body without having to spend a lot.

To firm an aging neck, you would need plain yogurt. The keyword here is plain yogurt not anything with flavor on or else you would smell like mangoes or strawberries or whatever the flavor of the yogurt is.


Slather plain yoghurt on your neck and let is stay there for more than 30 minutes. You can do this overnight too if you can sleep with yoghurt on your neck. How does this work? Milk proteins does wonders to wrinkles and it will even out your skin and make it look younger.  Make sure that the yoghurt is cold too for better results.

fresh milk soap

It is also advised that you use milk soap on your neck. Doing this on a daily basis will definitely make your neck look younger and firmer.

milk bottles

Starting this regimen at an early age is also a good idea. If you are only 20 years old but do not want to age as fast as your peers, you can start doing the yoghurt regimen and use milk soap too. Bathing in water with milk is also a good idea if you have the budget to support this luxurious bath. In fact, soaking oneself in pure milk is a good idea but since most of us would rather drink milk instead of bathing with it, you can stick to milk soaves. Goat milk soaps are very good for the skin. They can be bought in your nearest grocery store.

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