Understanding Cosmetic Labels

Ola Hawaii Facific Salt ScrubWhen buying cosmetics, it is advisable for one to know what each product contains. This is the reason why it is important to read the label but what if you do not understand what the label says?

Most of the additives in grooming products are harmless unless you have certain allergies or if you have very sensitive skin.

Here are common additives used for cosmetics. The list also includes additives for hair care products.

Acacia – this makes hair products thicker. It also helps in controlling unmanageable hair.

Allantoin – this is an agent that soothes the skin and also aids in healing abrasions or wounds. It is usually added to lotions and shaving creams or gels.

Cetyl alcohol –softens skin and makes it feel smoother. It usually added in foundations, deodorants, lotions and creams.

Isopropyl alcohol –this is included in most lotions because it dissolves colorants among other ingredients.

Petrolatum –this ingredient is also known as petroleum jelly. It has the ability to seal in moisture in the skin and also acts as a protective film. This ingredient is used in eye shadows, creams and depilatories.

Ola HawaiiPolysorbates –polysorbates make it possible to keep water and oil intact in lotions and other skin care products. They are also used in deodorants and baby products.

Propylene glycol – this is a humectants, it helps keep the skin moisturized. It is usually found in shaving lotions and creams, spray deodorants, and mascaras.

Sorbitol – this ingredient smoothens skin and keeps the skin moisturized. It can be found in hair sprays and beauty masks.

You may notice that most of the additives in skin care and hair care products act as moisturizers. These additives are harmless most of the time. It is important however that you only buy skin care products from places you can trust because there are people who sell counterfeit cosmetics and these may contain ingredients that will cause discomfort or certain irritations.

Photos Via packaging-int.com and centurylabel.com