Microneedle pen facial treatment.
Top 10 Questions About DIY Microneedling

One of my favorite ways to keep up with “Look my best” skincare is microneedling. I do it myself with an easy to use microneedling pen and disposable needle heads….

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Example of how microneedling device works on the skin.
DIY Skincare: MicroNeedling

I’m a huge proponent of Do It Yourself skincare. Not only do I care more about the way the finished product is going to look, I’m also the one assessing…

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microcurrent procedure non-invasive facelift
Facelift Alternatives in 2023

With so many natural ways to improve skin texture, firmness and radiance, going under the knife is so outdated.  And counterproductive. In 2023 we have much healthier ways for our…

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