New Year’s Resolutions For Your Skin

new year fireworks

Greet the New Year with a big bang and make it a better year by sticking to your new year’s resolutions. What makes the top of our list? Better skin care of course because who doesn’t want beautiful skin on 2012 and beyond?

Resolution No. 1 Wear Sunscreen

With the ozone layer becoming thinner and thinner each year, we are more exposed to the sun’s UV rays which can lead to skin cancer. Nobody wants that! Protect yourself and your skin from cancer by wearing sunscreen. Apart from this, wearing sunscreen will also prevent you from getting uneven skin tone and will make your skin look younger too.

Resolution No. 2 Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Yes ladies and gentlemen, water is the fountain of youth and if you haven’t realized that by now, it is time to take a mental note. Hydrating or drinking lots of water is a good thing –it’s good for your body and of course for your skin. Getting that youthful glow is definitely easy and affordable; all you have to do is drink water.

Resolution No. 3 Exfoliate

Do not overdo it though. Doing it once a week for those with oily skin is a god idea. For those with dry skin, exfoliating once a month would be enough.

Resolution No. 4 Moisturize

Slap that lotion and cream! Right after bathing, you should apply lotion on your body and put a non-greasy moisturizer on your face to lock in the moisture from your bath. This will make your skin look gorgeous especially if you have clear skin already and will maintain its softness as well.

Resolution No. 5 Eat Healthy

We have said this a lot of times –you are what you eat so be sure to eat healthy this 2012. This is not only beneficial for your body in general but also for your skin.