Things That You Do That Age Your Skin

Ageing is a part of life and this is something that we cannot stop no matter how many times we go through botox procedures or non-invasive facelifts but the good news is, there are things you can do to make the ageing process slow down. One of the things that age your skin is hopping into bed with makeup on. This is a very common mistake and sometimes it can be attributed to laziness or you’re just tired from work or from school. It may not seem like a big deal at all but breaking this habit would do your skin good.

Another habit that hastens ageing on the skin is not using sunscreen every time you go out. The sun is a cause of ageing and it has been confirmed by dermatologists worldwide and by studies done regarding this. It’s not just during sunny days that require you to wear sunscreen, the sun is always around so you should wear sunscreen whether it is cloudy, raining, or snowing. UV rays can damage the skin and can also cause cancer and this is something that nobody really wants that’s why one should keep in mind that aside from applying sunscreen to slow down the ageing process you are also protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. The question is, what kind of SPF should you be using? Experts say that using sunscreen with SPF 30 would suffice and it would also be a good idea if you buy sunscreen that has antioxidants such as vitamin C, coffee berry and resveratrol. You should also keep in mind that applying sunscreen after every few hours is also ideal.

Another way that hastens ageing is when you neglect the rest of your body and just focus on making your face look young. Neglecting your hands, your neck, and feet for example can show your real age over the long term. Overexposure to the sun affects the rest of the skin and this means that you should use sunscreen allover your body and much like your face, your hands, and your neck and other parts of your body can show signs of ageing. This includes dryness, the loss of firmness on the skin i.e. the appearance of wrinkles and the appearance of dark spots. Using a lot of moisturizer and sunscreen will make these parts of the body look good. It’s a good idea for you to start early because later on you would notice the difference between your skin and the skin of your peers.

If you’re one who is quite impatient with skin products, you should rethink this because whenever you ditch an anti-ageing moisturizer too soon because you think that it is not doing its job, you may not be giving it a chance to work. Usually, a cream will work after months of use and not just after a few days. You cannot change the texture of your skin overnight so you have to be a little more patient with topical creams. If you’re really impatient, it would be best to consult with a plastic surgery and go through a non-invasive facelift, rejuvenation or have the physician add fillers in your skin.

Another common mistake among women when it comes to skin care products is using too any products all at once. We never we see those advertisements that sell skin care kits i.e. kits that already include a serum, a toner, a day cream and even a night cream with it, it would seem that it is advisable for us to use as many products as possible instead of using just one. If you are introducing new products to your skin, it is easier for it to get irritated and it will also make it difficult for you to determine what is causing the irritation. Starting with a product at a time is a better idea according to experts so that you can see whether a skin care product is right for you or not.

Not sleeping enough is also a big contributor to ageing. Most adults usually just need 4 to 6 hours of sleep but getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night is recommended because not getting enough sleep would give you dark circle around your eyes and will make your complexion look really bad. These two things are just short-term effects though but in the long term, you will basically look older than people your age just because you skip on shut eye.