Brazilian Wax, Details, Pain

Getting a Brazilian wax means you would have to subject yourself to a little pain to get all of the hair removed in your bikini area and anything in between. Usually, getting a Brazilian wax means you will maintain a landing strip but this doesn’t mean you can’t go bare. If you want to go completely bare, you can ask for the Hollywood wax.

When the waxing is done, do not be alarmed when the wax technician tweezes stray hair. If you opted for a regular Brazilian wax i.e. one with a landing strip, you can also get a design on your remaining hair. After this is done, soothing lotion will be applied over the areas that have been waxed. If in case you develop redness or bumps, it is best to exfoliate 8 hours after your wax treatment. Using a body scrub is a good idea but make sure that you will put on some lotion on it afterwards. There are also ingrown hair eliminating pads for sale in your nearest drugstore.

Do not forget to ask for your waxer’s name of course because you can’t possibly keep baring everything to everyone in the salon or the spa facility.

If it is your first time to get a Brazilian wax or any type of waxing on the nether area, it is certain that it will hurt. You would have to go back after 2 weeks or a month depending on how fast your hair grows and have it done again. This doesn’t mean though that you will be suffering from the pulling of the strips again because I can assure you that once you already did it, the pain will no longer be that emphasized.

If you cannot take the pain however even if you have done it a few times before, taking some pain reliever before your procedure is a good idea.