Non Invasive Face Lifts

UltherapyCosmetic surgery is among the most heavily sought solutions to combat aging. Our skin ages just as we do, and patients often see plastic surgery as the only viable option when they want to turn back the clock on their complexion. With a bit of bravery, a few months of recovery, and typically a hefty price, patients can climb on the surgeon’s table in hopes that he or she can slice a few years off of how their skin looks. But that doesn’t mean that surgeons are the only doctors that can keep you looking young – there’s a way to reverse your skin’s aging without putting it under the knife.

Advancements in the areas of dermatology have helped develop an incredibly practical, effective way for patients to look younger: Ultherapy. Ultherapy is an alternative method for tightening the skin around the brow, jawline, and under the neck to help a patient’s skin look younger, and healthier. Ultherapy can attack the most rebellious facial regions in a way that avoids the invasive methods used by surgeons. And although those methods have delivered results, not all patients are comfortable with dramatic procedures that require protracted recovery periods and can potentially leave additional scarring. Even minimally invasive surgical techniques are enough to deter a patient from receiving a procedure that could improve some of his or her physical insecurities. Ultherapy offers even the most timid individuals an opportunity to take advantage of the medical advancements that are helping our society look younger.

The reason so many patients prefer to undergo Ultherapy lies in the procedure’s method and effectiveness. Ultherapy works by maximizing the subject’s collagen production in the desired facial regions. Collagen is the protein found in our skin’s connective tissues, and is what is responsible for your skin’s bounce; likewise, a lack of collagen explains why your skin starts to lose its vitality to sag as you get older. What Ultherapy does is stimulate the production of natural collagen in the facial regions by focusing heat and energy on the deepest levels of your skin. Similar to the devices used in ultrasounds, the Ultherapy device uses focused ultrasound to smooth your complexion and improve your skin’s look over time. Your skin then continues to produce natural collagen, rather than trying to adapt to the foreign collagen that’s been introduced by a surgeon.

We’re sensitive to the idea that minor cosmetic improvement shouldn’t always require invasive solutions. Just because you’re concerned about the cutting, sewing, and recovery involved in cosmetic surgery doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to improve your self-image. Because of its patient-friendly method, Ultherapy has been dubbed the “Lunchtime Lift”, because it typically only takes about 30 minutes to complete the entire procedure. There is no anesthesia, and no recovery time: 90% of patients notice improvements in tone, texture and tightening within just a few weeks. We urge any patient who is apprehensive about surgery to consider the solution that Ultherapy provides. Ultherapy will help you look younger than before, and let you leave without a scratch.

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