Stress And Your Skin

If you’re stressed out, this can manifest on your skin. Although most people know when they are already stressed, some people do not see it coming until a burn out happens. One of the signals of stress are cold hands especially if you start getting cold hands indoors and you’re not supposed to be having them or you’re not supposed to be chilled.

According to a biofeedback research, certain techniques to keep your hands warm are very important especially if you want to reduce your stress load. Experts say that touching your cheeks would be a good idea because they are usually warm. It would also be a good idea for you to get some rest if you’re stressed out so you’d basically get rid of cold hands.

There are also some diet tips that you can use to combat stress. For short term stress, you can eat a high carbohydrate diet that is low in protein. Carbohydrates give the body energy. For people who are experiencing longer periods of stress, eating more protein and a lower amount of carbs is a good idea so basically it is just the reverse. Other food that also fight stress include those that contain vitamins C and A. Eating raw broccoli and peppers is a bright idea. It is also interesting to note that chewing something crunchy dissipates tension in the body. However eating something that is unhealthy is also not a good idea so chew on something crunchy that is also good for the body i.e. raw carrots or a fruit.

Listening to music will also help you reduce your stress specifically baroque music because it has a one beat per second rhythm that just sets the mind at ease. If you need to concentrate, you would have to play music from Bach, Handel or Vivaldi.

Why is fighting stress so important? Aside from the main reason why we are discussing stress in general (which is basically because you want your skin to be clear) it is also a good thing for you to know that happy people live longer than those who are not happy. People who suffer from bouts of depression and anxiety age quicker than their peers who do not experience these things. Unhappy people also die prematurely according to several studies. In fact, being unhappy has a great effect on your longevity based on a number of literature and it even has a greater effect compared to smoking, obesity, or drinking. Being happy is simple according psychologists. Setting realistic goals for example is a good idea so that you do not get disappointed. Exaggerating your emotions is also something that you should avoid and you should also not compare the life that you had before with the now.