Fix It: Streaky Self Tanner

Perfectly tanned skinFor those of us that use self tanner, we know that every once in a while a streaky look happens. Here’s what to do when you have streaky self-tanner: Squeeze fresh lemon juice on a loofah and scrub dark areas in a warm bath or shower. Once dry, an allover, gradual self tanner such as XEN-TAN Gradual Self Tanner ($19.80), or a tinted bronzer, like Sun Laboratories Tan Overnight Instant Tint ($28.20), will help even things out.

To prevent a streaky self tan in the first place, thoroughly exfoliate and dry the skin before applying self tanner. After you apply the self tanner, let skin dry and then apply regular moisturizer over the self tanner to further prevent streaks. Make sure you rub in both the tanner and moisturizer thoroughly.