Radiesse in Frisco, TX

before and after RadiesseI almost didn’t want to post a picture with this article, because it does not do justice for the amazing transformation Radiesse can achieve at the hands of Lisa Bauer from Azure Med Spa in Frisco.  Having a thin face, the “parenthesis” around my mouth were slightly pronounced and I had been wanting to do something about them, but I didn’t want to look like those many women with obvious puffed up faces. At a routine facial I asked Lisa, the resident Registered Medical Assistant/ Medical Skin and Laser Specialist at Azure spa, what she thought about fillers and my ‘problem area’. She suggested Radiesse injections along my jaw line to gently plump up the skin for a natural softening of the lines around my mouth. She held up the mirror and showed me how it would work and what the results would resemble. She said I would need 1 vial of the filler, costing about six hundred dollars (they run specials on occasion with lower price points). After much consideration I made the appointment.

Does it hurt? Not really. Upon arrival, Lisa put numbing cream on the spots she would inject the filler. It stays on about 30-45 minutes and then your ready to be pumped. Some spots were more painful, but on a scale of one to ten, the worst were a three.

The results are amazing. As Lisa was putting the filler in my face she would let me see what she did so nothing would be overdone to my liking or a shock. What really impressed me the most about this visit, is that she didn’t just pump my face up to fill the lines, she put minute bits of filler here and there along my jaw and chin for a symmetrical look. Not only are the lines around my mouth softened, but my jaw line looks firmer. Best of all, I look like me, just younger.

There were a few drawbacks, of course. My jaw was a bit sore a few hours afterwards and I had to massage a spot on my jaw where a small nodule had formed. Lisa warned me of these things, however, so it wasn’t unexpected, and the nodule was rubbed smooth within about five minutes.

I have absolutely no affiliation with Lisa or Azure Med spa, I’m just a very happy customer who happens to have a skincare blog. Anyone thinking about getting filler in the Dallas area, specifically Frisco, should call Lisa at    (972) 294-6992. She’s amazing and truly an artist with Radiesse filler.