Anti-Aging Treatment Ingredients – DNA Repair

Advanced DNA cell repair claims to reverse environmental damage that makes skin look older. DNA is constantly repairing itself, but in some people it is done faster and better.

When a cell is damaged, it is essentially some of the building blocks that make up the DNA double helix structure that are damaged. The DNA needs fuel and a variety of enzymes to repair itself. Niacinamide is the fuel found naturally in skin that allows those enzymes to kick into gear. Many products are touting niacinamide as their key ingredient, some of which are B Kamins Chemist Therapeutic Anti-Aging Moisturizer, Home Skin Labs Effective Ageless products, Olay Definity products, and DDF Discoloration Reversal Pod. All of these products claim to be effective, but some dermatologist agree that Remergent DNA Repair Age Retaliator Serum works the best.