SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum Review

Although I’m an admitted skin care junkie, I stick with what I know works for my daily routine. For many years that was Skinceuticals CE Feurelic and retinol, which I still think is an excellent regimen for anybody who doesn’t have sensitive skin. At my last visit with my plastic surgeon (Botox) she suggested trying a new product SkinMedica TNS Essential serum, claiming it’s the absolute best in helping your skin produce higher rates of collagen and making the complexion smoother and more radiant. So I tried it.

Here’s what I have noticed in the two weeks since I’ve used it: My fine lines are far less noticeable and my complexion has an all over “glow”. But the main reason I’m sticking with this product is the fullness that has returned to my face. I’m a thin woman, and while that’s a good thing from the neck down, at the age of 35, thin isn’t good for the face. It just makes me look old. This product has put the fullness back in my face like it looked when I was in my 20’s and, no, I’m not exaggerating.

I think this is a fantastic product and I would recommend it to anyone, however unless your skin is used to potent skin care products this may be too harsh for your skin. Also, it’s very expensive. It’s approx. $260 for a 1 oz. bottle and sense you need to apply it twice a day (and you do to see the optimal results) that is about a one month supply. For someone like me, it’s a lot less expensive than fillers, the only other thing that fills out lost fullness. Also, the look is natural, something hit or miss with fillers.

If the price is an issue, buy it when it’s on sale. Don’t buy deeply reduced from anyone but a reputable store, because you will probably get damaged product that could irritate (or worse) your skin. Try SkincareRX. They have regular sales and offer free shipping. Also, most important to me, they will accept returns if the product is damaged in any way.