Neostrata HQ Skin Lightening Gel

Neostrata HQ Skin Lightening GelBeing fair skinned with dark hair I have had my fair share of sun spots and freckles. Some of the most stubborn, dark freckles took awhile to fade, but fade they did thanks to a single ingredient in skin care products: Hydroquinone. When I first started using it years ago it was by prescription only, but today up to 2% can be found in many over the counter skin care products.

The Neostrata HQ Skin Lightening gel is one of the many products that contains 2% Hydroquinone and is very effective at fading age spots and sun spots. Also, it’s not as pricey as some of the other brands that contain the same ingredients. This gel is odorless and feels light on the skin. $45 Available here.