Tips and Tricks to Fairer Skin

One classic fairy tale has told us that long black hair and white skin makes the fairest of all women.  It’s been many years since and many of us still believe in fairy tales and the idea that fair skin makes a woman beautiful. If you feel that you need to whiten your skin or at least remove the uneven tones, you can take note of these tips and tricks:

(1) Proper diet and vitamins.  The skin reflects how healthy a person is.  Minimize your salt and sugar intake, drink more water (over soda or carbonated drinks) and eat plenty of fruits.  Vitamin D and Vitamin E help nurture and protect the skin.  Get plenty or enough sleep to help the body recuperate.

(2) Use available skin care products including whitening lotion, moisturizers and sunscreen lotion.  Be reminded that sunscreen lotion helps “protect” the skin as you use other regimens.  Too much sunscreen lotion doesn’t help in whitening skin.

(3) Some facial wash or soaps have active ingredients that trigger peeling or exfoliation.  Some contain Salicylic Acid which is good at bleaching.  Be sure to consult your dermatologist as even if these products are properly tested before it reached the market, a person’s skin type may not be appropriate to the regimen chosen.

(4) Wash your face with a mixture of milk and lemon juice.  Milk makes the skin supple and fresh and the little bleach makes the skin fairer while lemon enhances the procedure because of its natural acidity.

(5) You may also use papaya juice.  Apply it on the skin, let it stay for 10 to 20 minutes and rinse off.

(6) Other natural methods may be combined with one and the other to achieve better results.  You may use a tomato and lime juice mask, honey or Aloe vera as a moisturizer or Olive oil with granulated sugar for exfoliation.

(7) Doctor/dermatologist procedures such as chemical peel or skin bleaching are also advisable.

Bear in mind that beauty must not be misconstrued.  Amongst many, being healthy is always better than adapting to the what is believed to be beautiful.  Scientifically speaking, whiter skin means lower melanin production and thus, higher risk to skin problems.  Moderation is the key when it comes to beauty and that every skin tone is beautiful