Sleep Deprivation And Your Skin

What does sleep deprivation or lack of sleep do to the skin? Bon Jovi said in a song, I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Although this is very rock ‘n roll, not getting enough sleep won’t make you look cool really, it will make your skin look dry and tired. Even if you have relatively clear skin but your skin looks dull and lifeless, it’s still not a pretty sight so better get some sleep. Why? Aside from being drowsy while you are at work and experiencing lack of concentration, not getting enough sleep means all your cells will be quite tired too which usually results to a number of diseases and dull-looking skin. So what should one do? Well, the answer is pretty straightforward; get a good night’s sleep!

If you have a hard time sleeping since ever, it is best to make your bedroom into a peaceful, relaxing place. Sleeping somewhere that is uncomfortable is definitely not a good idea because this will only result to troubled sleep.

Get a comfortable bed for one and then of course use pillows that feel right for you. Bathing before you sleep is also a good idea and if all these things still do not work, you can look for one of those lavender lotions and apply it on your skin before going to bed. The smell of lavender will relax you and will aid you in getting ample sleep. Drinking a tall glass of warm milk is also a fine idea because there is a component of warm milk that just makes humans drowsy.

Taking sleeping pills is also another solution but it is better for you not to because drugs are not always good for you. It is better if you determine what is causing your insomnia instead of just taking whatever drug that is available just to get some shut eye.