Keeping Your Skin Looking Young

Skin Care ProductsFighting the effects of time is a long battle for most.Taking care of the body’s largest organ is a difficult task. Apart from theskin being very visible, it can even let other people know gauge how old youare just by looking at your skin. To prevent people from knowing how old youreally are, you should invest on making your skin look young and supple. Hereare a few tips to keep your skin looking young:

Limit Sun Exposure

The sun is your worst enemy on this one. Take a look atsun-worshippers, these folks have leather-like skin and that is something youdo not want to happen to you. Limiting your sun exposure is one great step toalleviate aging. The sun is most damaging between 10 in the morning and 4 inthe afternoon so try to avoid the sun during those hours if you can. If youreally need to go out during those hours, apply sunscreen to protect your skin.Wearing tightly woven fabric such as denim offers good protection to the skinbut since you can’t wear denim on your face, it would be good to get a sunscreenthat has an SPF higher than 15.

Quit Smoking

If you smoke, you should stop right this second. Quittingthe habit will do good for your skin. Smoking dries out the skin and removesnutrients you take in. If you cannot help but smoke, it would be good if yougot a dose of vitamin C every day.

Quit Drinking Liquor

Drinking liquor is not as sexy as it seems on commercials.Most people who drank a lot of liquors during their heydays look older thantheir peers. If you have to drink, choose red wine instead.


Hydrating your skin means you have to apply moisturizer.Apart from that you should also drink lots of water. Water keeps your skinmoisturized from the inside, making it a better choice than applying creams orlotions.