How to get younger looking eyes

How to get younger looking eyesThe first place on our face that shows our age is our eyes, directly underneath and the outer sides of the eyes to be exact. Bags and grey shadows can make a twenty year old look aged, but there are a few simple steps that can keep both crows feet and dark circles or bags at bay.

Sleep with an extra pillow so your head is slightly elevated to prevent fluid from settling under the skin around your eyes.

Find sunglasses labeled UV 400, and choose large frames for maximum coverage (you’re already using sunscreen,right?).

Every morning use an anti-oxidant eye cream to prevent damage from free radicals found in pollution and the sun’s rays. Some of the best ones prevent puffiness with Coffee Berry or green tea. Our choice:Elizabeth Arden Allergan Prevage Eye Anti-Aging Treatment.

Use Retinol at night if your skin can tolerate it. It’s the one ingredient proven to stimulate collagen production and reduce wrinkles. The retinol eye creams that contain vitamin K work especially well on dark circles. Our choice:emergenC multi-vitamin + retinol serum.

Don’t over-do eye creams or moisturizers at night, they can make your eyes retain water and look even puffier in the morning.

In the morning apply a skin tightener for immediate results. Find one that contains argireline, GABA, or DMAE—the most effective ingredients. Our choice: Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight

Fill in your crows feet with a primer containing silicone. Our choice: Jane Iredale Abscence Oil Control Primer

Use a creamy concealer to disguise dark circles. Pick a yellow based shade for light skin and a peachy shade for darker skin tones. Our choice: Jane Iredale Active Light Under Eye Concealer

Skip on shimmery make up or eye shadows. The metallic particles can get into the wrinkles and emphasize them. Instead choose a matte shade that is slightly darker than your skin and sweep it across the upper lids and along the lower lashes. It will make puffiness less obvious.