Father of the Bride(s) Turns to Botox

Being the father of a daughter is likely one of the most challenging and stressful responsibilities that a human being can have. This is a fact that John Sharman most certainly agrees with, as the 56-year-old has had the privilege (or not) of rearing three daughters in his lifetime. But as if having to raise these girls isn’t frustrating and taxing enough, all of them have decided to get married within seven months of each other. Upon hearing of his daughters’ subsequent betrothals, this three-time father of the bride is turning to Botox to help him look his best in the each of the “Our Wedding” albums that his likeness will undoubtedly grace for the coming decades.

Cosmetic surgery has always been something of a social taboo within the female population, alone; it’s no surprise that within the male community it is discussed even less. This is why Sharman – a truck driver – is an unconventional candidate for a procedure such as Botox. However, these kind of gender barriers shouldn’t control decisions for cosmetic procedures, because the truth is that cosmetic surgery has plenty to offer in terms of keeping men looking younger; let’s face it, they’re aging, too.

The best news for men is that these procedures don’t have to be as dramatic as some of the cosmetic improvements typically sought by women. If a man is timid about going under the knife, just some minor touch-ups around the eyes are a possible alternative to an entire face-lift. The compounded stress from work, daughters, and the weddings had taken a toll on the vitality of Sharman’s facial complexion, so his daughters (and 80-year-old mother) suggested that he get Botox injections to rid himself of the crow’s feet that would assuredly be visible on each wedding day. For Sharman, in particular, an ultrasonic device initiated the wrinkle reduction around his eyes before Botox was finally used to ensure that the change was more permanent. Of course, the Sharman daughters were surprised and excited about their father’s transformation, as the brides-to-be were unanimous in deciding the necessity of the procedure.

The point is that cosmetic improvement is not a strictly feminine institution. The best and most revolutionary methods in image adjustment are not reserved for female patients, but available to everyone and anyone who wishes to experience a positive physical change. In Sharman’s case, he needed the encouragement (and insistence) of his daughters before he sought treatment for his aging appearance, but his situation should be an example for all men who are simply too afraid to undergo a procedure. With ways to help hair loss, aging skin, and weight gain, there’s no reason for men to be shy about making a decision that will make them look their best in the photo albums that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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