Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil has other great properties. It is considered a “healthy fat” and in when used in moderation it is said to help reduce your risk for health issues such as high blood pressure and heart disease. But its natural goodness is not limited to consuming it with our foods. It is also beneficial for our skin and hair.

Olive oil has been used in skin care for thousands of years. Being rich in oleic acid, which promotes elasticity of the skin, and vitamin E, which softens skin, olive oil is an excellent skin care product as it stands. Egyptians, Greeks, Phoenicians, and Romans relied on olive oil for their skin care based on the results and that it was readily available.

They had no idea why it worked, just that it worked so they used it. We now know that because of its natural oleic acid property it improves elasticity and helps fade scarring of the skin. Warmed olive oil can help reduce stretch marks even after pregnancy. Because of its healing properties you can use it on many forms of scarring, including scrapes, cuts, and even scarring left by acne.

You can make a wonderful scrub in your kitchen with this simple recipe: 2 parts sugar, 1 part olive oil and if you want to add some spice, DO! Add some fresh chopped mint, some thyme, cinnamon, or even a drop of vanilla and voila you have a wonderfully natural scrub that exfoliates, moisturizes and relaxes or energizes, depending on which herb you add. You can use essential oils if you don’t have fresh herbs in your garden or don’t care for the leafy extras in your scrub. I myself, love the freshness of mint, thyme, and lemon verbena in my scrubs.

It is excellent for an all over body moisturizer. Pick up an oil sprayer at your local kitchen store or online, I got mine at Bed Bath, and Beyond for $10. They are so cool! Fill the canister with olive oil and pump the cap. It creates pumps air into the canister and allows you to spray your oil much like an aerosol spray.  The purpose is so you can mist a fine even spray on your food while cooking, but it works the same on your skin. You can spray an even mist of oil and you will notice it soak into your skin even before you start to rub it in.

You can also use it in your hair as an oiling treatment and also for controlling dandruff. To control dandruff and dry scalp issues as a deep condition treatment. Simply wash your hair, then apply a small amount of the olive oil and leave in for at least 5. Then rinse and style as usual. If you would like a deeper oiling treatment apply to unwashed hair and comb through. Leave on for an hour or so and then follow up with your favorite shampoo and rinse with warm water.

It is no wonder that Homer once called it liquid gold, because the uses for olive oil seem endless. I am looking forward to hearing how you use olive oil and if you enjoy it as much as I do.