Younger-Looking Skin Forever

Younger looking skinAging makes the skin sag but so does dehydration since it reduces the elastin in the dermis. So what should you do about it? First things first, you must hydrate but the question is, what if hydration is not enough?

Laser Skin Resurfacing

This is a suggested procedure that can bring out new skin to the surface through the use of laser technology. It gets rid of wrinkles and helps the skin to keep from sagging. One however must consult with a doctor regarding laser skin resurfacing.

Skin Relies On Water

Alright not just water, but the skin needs it to maintain its elasticity. The reduction of elastin in the skin is inevitable but one can slow down the aging process by taking antioxidants and polyphenols. As this part of the article reiterates though, you need more water. Although scientists haven’t found whether drinking a lot of water on a daily basis will improve the skin’s condition, one has to take into consideration that when you are healthy in the inside, the healthier your skin will be.

Anti-aging Chemicals

Vitamins C and A are the most common antioxidants one can find. You can also eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins A and C.


Drinking lots of water will only replenish your body’s water needs but detoxifying will get rid of waste inside the body including toxins on the skin. This in effect will make your skin look better and more often than not, clearer and younger-looking.

Follow Marie Antoinette’s Advice

Remember polyphenols? Applying topical solutions with polyphenols will help slow down the aging process. According to certain accounts, Queen Marie Antoinette washed with red wine to prevent wrinkles from appearing.

For more information on polyphenols and on Marie Antoinette’s beauty secret, you may go to Queen Marie Antoinette’s Skin Regimen.