dry skin

Understanding Skin Dryness

Having dry skin is a common dermatological problem based on the number of people who suffer from it on certain parts of the year. For others, fighting skin dryness is an ongoing battle. A person can experience this dermatological problem due to a number of factors but while the reasons can be common or what one may call everyday reasons such as not drinking enough water, not moisturizing enough, the air in one’s city or town being too dry, dry skin can also be a symptom for bigger problems. In most cases, this skin condition is not really a serious threat to one’s health but it can be rather unsightly and very irritating especially when one starts feeling itchy because of their dry skin. It is interesting to note though that there are cases of individuals whose faces have been disfigured because of dry skin and this happen can cause a lot of stress.


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More often than not, drying of the skin can be an on-off thing –it can last for days or months or a shorter period however, there are people who have deal with chronic drying of the skin and have to fight this dryness all the time.

Anyone can have this problem but there are those who are more prone to skin dryness than others. It is very common as we age that is why those who feel that their formerly oily skin is now dry may have to start buying moisturizers.

People who live in places where the climate is fairly dry usually suffer from this condition and the most prone to it are men. Women on the other hand thanks to suggested skincare regimen of applying moisturizers usually fair much better when it comes to managing this problem. Dry skin also happens on the legs or the arms or both but the most prone area that suffers from dryness is the face.