Vaginal Atrophy Pathophysiology

Mona Lisa Touch

Vaginal Atrophy PathophysiologyNo one really likes to talk about the aging process and what it does to your body. No one looks forward to it or enjoys it, and that’s probably why some aspects of aging come as a surprise to many people.  Women going through menopause and beyond have heard about night sweats, hot flashes, and weight gain, but no one mentioned the changes that happen “down there”. I’m not just talking about your period stopping, that’s actually a good thing, but when that dries up, so does your vagina. Literally. As your body goes through menopause, it slowly stops producing estrogen, and a side effect of little to no estrogen is the thinning and drying of the vaginal walls. The result is an itchy, dry vagina and painful sex.

There hasn’t really been a solution to this problem until recently, and although the treatment is still fairly new, it has a 93% positive review on The Mona Lisa Touch is the laser that’s making many women feel “normal” again. The Mona Lisa Touch is a CO2 Fractional laser designed specifically for the vaginal walls. In 2014 it was FDA approved for the treatment of Vaginal Atrophy (dryness and thinning). Although it is used to treat vaginal atrophy specifically, it has successfully treated some patients with urinary incontinence, as well.

The Mona Lisa Touch is a hand held device that is shaped like a wand, with laser emitted on the sides. The device is put into your vagina and “fired”, the laser will turn on for a second or two and the process is repeated until the entire vagina walls are covered. The process is totally painless and it takes about 3 minutes total. There are no side effects and no follow up other than you’re advised to not put anything in your vagina for a few days after treatment. Women report that they start experiencing relief in about a week and significant relief in 2 weeks. A series of three treatments, six weeks apart, is recommended, but relief is evident after the first round.

Women who have undergone the Mona Lisa Touch are saying it’s life changing, with many of them having lived with vaginal atrophy for years. Until now there hasn’t been a non-hormonal, long term treatment for this issue, so this really is a medical breakthrough. Lasers are turning back the clock in so many ways, I can’t wait to see what’s next. They make us look younger, and now, feel younger.