Midlife Crisis And Your Skin

Middle-aged woman applying skin-care product.

Suffering from midlife crisis is normal –humans have a tendency to buy new things or try new things during this period after all. This period is one of the most trying times in one’s life, some even get boyfriends or girlfriends way younger than them. Whatever one does, midlife crisis is one crisis that modern society usually ignore.  Aside from the semi deviant behavior, those who are going through midlife crisis also experience something more distressing –the changing of their appearance.

When one gets older, the skin sags. This is of course natural but no one wants saggy skin really. The question is how does one turn back time?

The collagen content of the skin decreases as we age and his typically starts we reach our twenties. In addition to this, secretion of oil decreases as well making the skin suffer from dryness.

For menopausal women, hormonal changes make things more complicated but once you know what happens to your body during certain periods of your life, you will be able to fight aging or at least stop your skin from sagging when that time comes.

So what should you do? The answer is quite simple –you need to moisturize and help your body produce more collagen.

Vitamin C. Skin experts always say that vitamin C is good for the skin. It clears the skin, makes it look healthier and makes it glow but another thing that it does is assist in the production of collagen. This is the reason why you should take vitamin C everyday.

Genacol. For women who are already menopausal or women 50 and above, taking a look at the supplement Genacol is a good idea. This supplement contains ingredients that enhance collagen production in the body. Genecol is available in many health stores.

Exercise. Exercising is also a good way to keep the skin from sagging.

Photo via lifemartini.com