How to Get Rid of Eye Bags the Natural Way

Eye bags are generally caused by age and improper diet and lifestyle.  It is theorized that age makes your body weak and this includes the ligaments that hold the little fat under the eye area and as a result, pushes the fat forward causing the bag.  Another theory is eating too much salty food which retains water while another is lack of exercise and body rest which makes the body weaker and thus reduced blood circulation.  Nasal allergies may also cause under-eye puffiness.

Plastic surgery or blepharoplasty is the fastest way to remove eye bags.  Botox and face lifts are often considered as part of the procedure.  But before you subject yourself to the knife, you should know that there are other natural ways to get rid of eyebags.

(1) Proper Diet, Exercise and Sleep.  Any form of ailment is usually a result of abuse on the body.  Treating the body will help treat the problem.  Avoid salty food, exercise to remove excess salt and fat and give your body enough time to recuperate by sleeping at least 8 hours a day.  Drinking plenty of liquids will also help reduce salt and fat in the body.  Minimize smoking and alcohol and eat food rich in Vitamin K and Vitamin E.

Ever heard someone tease you for being unable to sleep based on the dark circles on your eyes and you just say, yes?  Then, you might be in for a long lecture.  A common misconception about eyebags is that it is caused by lack of sleep.  Eyebags is a collective word pertaining to anything under the eye: swell-like or puffy area, actual bags, dark circles and even, shadows and they are not entirely caused by lack of sleep.

(2) Relax the eye area.  Massage the eye area by gently tapping the eye area with your finger tips.  This will increase blood circulation and relax your eye muscles a bit.  Do at least once a day.  You may also apply a cold compress to help minimize the swelling and relax your eye further.  Usual cold compress regiments are potato slices, cucumber slices, back of the spoon, tea bags and or flower leaves.  Do at least once a day, leaving the cold compress 10-15 minutes with your eyes closed.

(3) Apply an eye cream with Vitamin K and Retinol or use under eye treatment available in drugstores.  This is not ultimately natural but use creams that are based on natural products.  You may also extract the liquid from Vitamin E capsules and place them over your eye (eyes closed) to help reduce eye bags.

The key to a successful natural treatment is discipline.  The natural way is something that is done on a regular basis and is not a one or two-session treatment compared to the surgery option.  It does not deliver immediate results but does help a person become healthy in totality, not just for the purposes of removing the eye bags.