Haircare for thin, aging hair

I have always bought shampoo and conditioner for thin hair or some sort of volumizing formulas to try and get some body for my thin hair. Nothing ever really works, unless it’s a leave in mousse or foam that gives the illusion of volume, but I can’t stand the feeling of anything in my hair. Every product feels unnatural, no matter what I’m told before it goes in. I was having this conversation with a hair stylist and she suggested the Phyto Anti-Aging line of shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment (which her salon did not sell). She said she had been using it and her ponytail was noticeably thicker. So, I tried it. I got all three products for about $95. I was warned that the shampoo doesn’t lather that well, and it doesn’t, but I can live with that. It also doesn’t have a smell, like seriously, none. The conditioner is also odorless, and it’s in a jar instead of a bottle, which is somewhat inconvenient in the shower. After my shower, I used the scalp treatment. You apply it to towel dried hair and leave it in. I was a bit concerned about the scalp treatment leaving a residue in my hair, but it didn’t. After I dried my hair, I could tell that it felt and looked fuller. Yes, after the first application. Obviously it just appeared fuller, but after 3 weeks of use I believe my pony tail is getting a bit thicker.

I know it’s pretty costly for hair care, but if you have thin hair like me, it’s totally worth it. It’s also an anti-aging hair treatment, to combat the natural thinning we get as we age. It’s important to use all three products to see the thickening results. Here’s what the company says about this product: As we age, hair often becomes weak and fragile requiring specific care.  Phytodensium helps prevent further damage by injecting strength and vitality into aging hair.  Gatuline® age-defense is derived from a carefully selected walnut extract which protects against free radicals and harmful environmental factors.  Black currant seed oil, rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, regenerates hair while birch and horsetail leaf extracts restores minerals to the hair shaft.  A botanical protein complex increases the hair’s level of resistance and elasticity by forming a protective layer.  A tyrosine derivative helps boost the level of melanin and inhibits the appearance of grey hair.  Stimulated and toned, the hair regains its density and vitality.

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