Eyelash Growth Formulas

When my mother sent me a eyelash growth formula, Revitalash, I was more than skeptical. I had puny, thin eyelashes forever. The hair on my body is barely noticeable and my luxurious mane…not so much. So when my eyelashes actually became longer and thicker after about a month of twice daily use, I was thrilled.


This product actually works, and it’s safe. It’s called Revitalash and it was invented by an ophthalmologist who wanted to help his wife recover her beautiful long eyelashes after she had undergone chemotherapy. It’s an eyelash conditioner that stimulates growth. All you do is apply it to the base of your eyelashes, like liquid mascara, once or twice daily. I used it in the morning and the evening without any side effect, but the Revitalash brand recommends applying it only once a day. It has been reported that too much product can cause redness and irritation to the delicate skin around the eyes.

Before I tried Revitalash, I was seeking out a cosmetologist to get eyelash extensions, but I put it off due to the hefty price tag – $300 to $500 for eyelashes lasting up to 6 weeks! I don’t even think of getting that done now, no need. Revitalash is a bit costly, $150 a tube, but it lasts about two months. Once the eyelashes are grown out thick and long, you don’t have to use it everyday to maintain the beautiful results.

I love the product, and it’s a must have for me. I could never go back to having puny lashes after seeing the full and thick ones I currently enjoy.