Do You Need A Facelift?

faceliftSo you are contemplating on getting a facelift. The usual question that your friends will ask is why but we won’t ask you that because as Coco Chanel said, “A woman has the age she deserves.” Now it just comes down to whether you need a facelift or not.

Your Ageing Face

Sorry for using “your” here but let’s presume that you are around 40 and above and now experiencing signs of ageing. The main changes that one would see can be seen on the forehead, the middle part of the face i.e. your cheeks and the lower area of the face i.e. the jawline and the neck. You would also notice that the skin will eventually become thinner through the years and with the loss of elastin will also become less elastic. At the age of 40 (earlier for some), you will also notice that you now have age spots as well as wrinkles –the most dreaded change one would never want to experience.

What Is Facelift Surgery?

Before you consider getting an appointment for facelift surgery, you should learn more about this type of surgery first. This surgery gets rid of sagging of the skin in all the wrong places. You must remember however that this is a type of restorative surgery and will not change your basic appearance and will definitely not halt the ageing process.

Should I get a facelift?

It does not mean that because you want to get a facelift you are eligible to get it and nope we aren’t talking about money matters here. Facelift is only a good option if you are healthy  and do not smoke. This is a very individualized procedure so be sure to keep your expectations in check. A facelift will definitely not make you look 20 years younger but will just enhance the overall appearance of your face.