Tarte Cellufight Self Tanner

Tarte Cellufight Self TannerI was in Sephoria last week shopping for a self tanner when the sales lady talked me into the Tarte CellufIGHT Self Tanner. I was told it would give a self tan but would also decrease cellulite. Here is what the company says:

celluFIGHT™ is formulated with skinTIGHT™ complex , a proprietary anti-cellulite complex that firms and tones skin while improving elasticity. Plant and bio-nutrient extracts boost cellular metabolism shedding excess fat tissue. Caffeine helps stimulate blood flow immediately reducing “the orange peel” effect on problem areas such as waist, hips, thighs and buttocks. This anti-cellulite natural self-tanner contains clinically-proven antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent the long-term build-up of fat tissue under the skin.

Clinical Results:

Hip circumference decrease by 4 cm after 8 weeks
Waist circumference decrease by 3.5 cm after 8 weeks
Thigh circumference decrease by 1.6 cm after 8 weeks
Buttock circumference decrease by 2 cm after 8 weeks
55% decrease in storage of harmful fat cells in dermis after 8 weeks

Subjects reported:

70% saw immediate reduction in the appearance of cellulite dimples (orange peel effect)
81% noticed smoother skin after 8 weeks
66% felt skin was firmer and more toned after 8 weeks

My Review: The lotion is very thick, but not greasy and it makes my skin super soft. I used it on my face and it didn’t make my skin look oily. I haven’t noticed any cellulite reduction, but it’s only been a week. As for the self tanner, it’s very, very light and you have to apply it twice to notice any difference. That said, once the color does appear it’s flawless in the even distribution on my whole body and face. There isn’t a line or darker spot to be found, even by my wrists. It’s rather expensive for self tanner, $40, but if you have the extra money, it’s worth it.