Taking Care Of Your Skin While In A Tropical Country

skin care in tropical countriesSo you decided to go to the tropics to experience the sun, the beach and well, the festive atmosphere. Now when you got to your destination, you suddenly realize that your skin is experiencing certain changes –this could be red blots on your face or the rest of your body because of the heat, or your skin is getting oilier by the spending a time in a Brazilian beachsecond.

Being in a tropical country means you would have to deal with oily skin especially if your skin is naturally oily. It would be best to stick to water-based moisturizers and water-based sunscreen when in the tropics because the weather in these areas will only exacerbate the activities of your sebaceous glands.  Be armed with a facial wash wherever you go so you can wash your face whenever it starts to produce too much oil.

If your skin is dry, the weather in the tropics might improve it a little –this means you would have to use less of your oil based moisturizers than you usually do though so you don’t get oily skin.

Skin care must-haves when in the tropics include sunscreen. The whiter your skin is, the more you’d need sunscreen to protect you from UV rays. Make sure that you follow instructions on the package and apply sunscreen as often as indicated.

It would also be best to bring an umbrella with you or if you are trying to get a tan or would like to get a tan for that matter, make sure that you do not soak up the sun in the middle of the day. Getting your tan in the morning or mid-afternoon would be best –and make sure you wear sunscreen too.

There may be a few insects you would need to ward off when in the tropics. There are lots of mosquitoes in these places so be sure to bring mosquito repellent lotions or creams in case you plan to go gallivanting at night or in the afternoon –this will protect not only your skin but also prevent you from getting either malaria or dengue.

Photos Via ibspro.net and webmd.com