Summer Body Prep: Slim or Supple?

Summer smart LIPOThe summer heat is already giving us a sneak peek of this year’s climate, and while the weather might be hot, you’re definitely hoping that the season’s social activities are pretty cool.

What might not be cool, however, is how loosely you’ve monitored your dieting and exercise habits over the past few months. There’s no doubt that you were one of the millions of people who, caught up in the enthusiasm of the new year made an ambitious promise toward a skinnier self in the months to come. Unfortunately, holiday leftovers and after-work drinks during happy hour got your diet off track, and now you’re agonizing over your body image with just weeks before summer vacation.

Some people, however, may have adhered to their angelic dietary regimen, but are still not too impressed with the results. While their waistlines might be exactly what they’d hoped, their silhouettes are still lacking; they’ll have not problem fitting into this season’s swimsuit, in fact, they might even have trouble filling it out.

Regardless of which camp you fall into – the “too much” or “too little” – there is a bevy of sexy solutions to help you turn heads when it comes time to show off that bikini. Whether it’s plumping up or slimming down, your summer body can benefit from each one of these procedures:

Petite or Plump?

  • SmartLipo Laser Lipo: One of the newest developments in minimally-invasive cosmetic technology, SmartLipo Laser Lipo is sweeping the nation as this summer’s quick solution to a few months of naughty dietary behavior. Whereas traditional liposuction will leave you with unpleasant scarring, SmartLipo only needs a dime-sized incision point to access that tenacious leg or tummy fat. By essentially melting the fat beneath the skin, the SmartLipo Laser makes it easier for your body to process the liquidated fat, and discharge it naturally; any remaining fat can be sucked out of the SmartLipo’s precision cannula, much like it is in regular liposuction. SmartLipo are also excited to find out that the treatment even tightens the skin in the treated area, giving their bodies a total trim-down!
  • Breast Augmentation: Plastic surgery’s long-standing flagship procedure has been turning summer-lovers into beach babes for decades, and reasonably so: breast augmentation has seen some of the greatest developments in the entire field of cosmetic medicine. Whereas women originally had the choice of either Saline (salt water) or Silicone implants, they now have the added possibility of High-Strength Cohesive Gel implants. These new implants (humorously called the “gummy bear” implants because of their ability to retain their form) have been praised by patients and doctors alike for their ability to retain the most convincingly natural breast shape, and offer patients arguably the most realistic tissue feel. Additionally, the gel virtually eliminates the possibility of implant leakage, which is often something that deters women from requesting traditional silicone implants. This is one procedure that you can be sure your board-certified cosmetic surgeon is fluent in, and one that can seriously up the volume on your knockout summer body.
  • Ultherapy Ultrasonic Facelift: If the thought of getting onto a surgeon’s table before summertime is intimidating to you, that’s completely understandable. Cosmetic surgery isn’t for everyone, which is why the field of cosmetic medicine has rolled out a vast line of minimally- and non-invasive treatments to deliver the results of conventional surgery. One of the most popular non-invasive procedures is the Ultherapy ultrasonic facelift. Using ultrasonic technology (yes, the same ultrasonic technology that’s used by your obstetrician), Ultherapy penetrates into the deepest layer of your facial skin to activate collagen production and disrupt residual fat tissue. The result is tighter skin around the neck and jawline that continues to tighten over the course of the next few months. Patients have even affectionately dubbed this procedure the “Up-lift” or “Lunchtime Lift” since it can be squeezed into just an hour of open time in your schedule. What’s even better, is that you can go back to work (or the pool) immediately to show off your new look.
  • Cellulaze Cellulite Treatment: Another of the newest minimally-invasive procedures, Cellulaze is currently the most effective solution for the cellulite problem that plagues, well, most of us. Cellulite problems are so discouraging because they typically can’t be fixed from exercise and diet alone. Instead, cellulite results from the restricted fat tissue under the leg that results from the development of tough bands of tissue. These bands gather the fat unevenly beneath the skin, creating the unattractive “dimply” look that can compromise even the sexiest stems. Like SmartLipo, Cellulaze only needs a tiny incision to go beneath the skin, and break the bands of tissue that restrict fat relaxation. As the fat is able disperse evenly beneath the skin, your leg will look smoother than ever, and continue to improve during the months following treatment. As a summertime tune-up, Cellulaze is the best way to get your legs ready for some summer color.

Always think of your skin!

If shape isn’t your concern going into the summer, consider something like Botox to help smooth out the wrinkles while your face is getting that summer glow; if you’re worried about complexion, professional tanning is a great idea to help get that boost of bronze going into the sun-soaked activities. And regardless of how you try to impress the beach or poolside crowd always remember to wear plenty of sunscreen so that you can preserve your beautiful skin for decades to come!