Neocutis Blanche Skin Lightening Cream

Neocutis-Blanche-Skin-Lightening-CreamNeocutis Blanche Skin Lightening Cream is a new treatment in the fight against freckles, sun spots, and age related spots. It is prescription strength hydroquinone (4%) combined with a complex called Melaplex to battle visible spots plus ones that have yet to emerge.

How it works: In addition to hydroquinone, Blanche contains a compound that selectively inhibits the enzyme that triggers melanin formation without significantly stressing the skin cell itself, as hydroquinone alone may do. Then another compound limits melanin’s building blocks from entering into pigment producing cells. A third ingredient then aims to inhibit the trip melanin makes from pigment producing cells to the top layer of the skin. And the last helps to prevent sunlight – the most common cause of spots – from triggering the formation of spots in the first place. Currently Neocutis is conducting a clinical trial to compare the skin lightening effects of prescription only Blanche to prescription only hydroquinone.

What the Experts Say: A Dermatologist at Yale School of Medicine says, ” I love this product. Hydroquinone acts on existing pigmentation effectively, but Blanche adds another pathway to block the pigmentation process. And because it’s free of potentially of irritating ingredients like glycolic acid and parabens, it’s suitable for people with sensitive skin.”