Men and Skin Care

Men and Skin CareIt’s not just women who have skin problems, men have them too even though most blogs always fail to include the male population when it comes to skincare.

Does your skin become reddish and bumpy after shaving?

Shaving is a much better experience when using aloe-based gels or shaving creams. Glycerine is also a wonderful choice because aloe and glycerine soothe the skin and makes your razor just glide on your face. To make sure that you get the full benefit of using such creams, you should massage it on your beard and let it sit still for a while so the beard softens –this is the reason why you need shaving cream in the first place. When done soaking, you can start shaving. Doing it grain first is advisable then if needed, you can finally do it the other way i.e. against it.

Do dark circles under the eyes bother you?

If you are tired of looking like a raccoon, you should apply topical creams with vitamin K. Now we are not saying that you become a metrosexual, you just have to apply it when needed so you don’t get dark circles under your eyes. There are many things that cause broken blood vessels under the eyes and this includes drinking too much, smoking too much and consuming too many cups of coffee. It’s hereditary too but it doesn’t mean you cannot stop it from making you look stressed out.

Getting to know your skin

Men don’t spend time getting to know their skin and usually have no idea if they have oily or dry skin or one that is prone to breakouts. However, some men do and those who do usually can take care of their skin better. Getting a facial from time to time isn’t gay at all but if you do not want to subject yourself to the pain, it might be best to wash your face regularly with a water-based cleanser.

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