Dr. Hauschka Radiant You Skincare

Dr. Hauschka Radiant You Skincare is a holistic line that is made from plant based remedies. It has a huge celebrity following, from Madonna to Jennifer Aniston and J. Lo, and we know how fabulous their skin looks. I know…I’m sure they spend thousands on laser treatments and peels, but it gives the line a bit of credibility if the most beautiful use it. The all natural remedies aren’t cheap however. The line runs from $35 for toner to $90 for creams and serums.

The company is organizing a new movement like Avon and Mary Kay, getting women to host “Radiant You” parties, where every guest will get free samples in the hopes that the host can secure some sales from the party. The host then gets a portion of the sales. The samples are free if you record the party and put the video on You Tube, otherwise it will cost the host $6.99 per sample. I assume they refund your money once the You Tube video is up in order for the samples to be free.

If you want to get the products but skip the parties, buy Dr.Hauschka Skin Care through drugstore.com.