Choosing the Right Wrinkle Cream

We all want tolook young and to look and feel younger some of us have declared war againstthose unsightly lines and marks. Since they were introduced, wrinkle creams havebecome rather popular among women since they are easy to find and they areaffordable as well. However, not all creams were created equal –while some areeffective, some aren’t the right fit for some women.

Retinol, which is bothan antioxidant and also a compound of Vitamin A, is one of the ingredients abuyer should look for. Retinol can erase existing wrinkles and also prevent the appearance of new ones. This ingredient is also good against fighting acne. Coenzyme Q10, like Retinol,has been gaining popularity as well. This is a nutrient which keeps cell energy production. This ingredient has no known side effects, and can reduce fine wrinkles around the eyes. Sometimes, copper peptides can heal skin wounds and increase collagen production making the ingredient  one of the ingredients you would want to see in your wrinkle cream. The said ingredient can keep skin supple and therefore,giving you younger-looking skin. Copper peptides help enhance the effects of retinol so a pairing of the two is also something you should keep in mind when choosing a wrinkle cream. Natural extracts from fruits and herbs can help rebuild elastin and collagen stores in the skin. Pomegranate extract, Padina Pavonica, Indian Mulberry and Vitamin C,to name a few. Vitamin C, especially, can fight free radicals, and can helpagainst sun exposure.

Overall, it is good to search for products that are approved and tested in clinical trials, giving them more credibility. Look for before and after photographs in order to assess their effectivity and find out what works for you.