Avon Anew Reversalist

Avon Anew ReversalistAvon’s newest skin care treatment line is Anew Reversalist, and it includes a Night Renewal cream and Reneual Serum that addresses moderate signs of aging. It is the first product with Activenol.

Wrinkles are actually a result of micro-injuries to the skin. Therefore, Avon scientists studied how a cut heals. When you get a cut, it triggers the production of a key repair molecule, Activin. Research, testing, and review has resulted in a discovery by Avon scientists: how to activate this key repair molecule. Anew’s Activinol technology is designed to boost Activin, helping skin’s repair process to recreate fresh new skin and help reverse the look of wrinkles. With Anew Reversalist, Avon is the 1st to use a patent-pending, complex including 2 exclusive biologically derived Phytochemicals:
Amorphophallus— stimulates Activin production to help trigger skin’s repair process
Sesbania— boosts skin’s support structures to help deliver firmer, less wrinkled skin

The results: (based on both a clinical study and customer survey) In 2 weeks 88% said their skin looked younger and 100% saw improvements in discoloration with a daily regimen of both the day and night treatments.

Bottom line: For the money, it’s worth a try. $27 for the day cream and $39 for the serum at Avon.com.