Protecting Your Skin While Skiing

Protecting Your Skin While SkiingThinking of going skiing? Before you head to the slopes, make sure you have all your skin care essentials packed. The harsh elements during wintertime can take their toll on your skin and we’re not just talking about the cold weather or dry mountain air. The sun reflecting on those peaks is also a big problem and this means you won’t only get windburn but sunburn as well.

A few great products include Aveeno’s Intense Relief Hand Cream, Nivea Cream, Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm and your favorite sunblock.

Avoiding Sunburn While Skiing

It’s important to keep your skin protected especially if you are in high altitude places because you do not only get closer to the sun but also get exposed to a thinner atmosphere leading to a higher exposure to harmful UV rays. Exposure to UV rays can harm your skin and can also cause skin cancer so it is advised that you include a good sunblock with a high SPF to combat this.

During those blue bird days when everyone seems to want to ski, make sure that you apply an ample amount of sunblock on exposed areas of your body.

Protecting Your Skin From Windburn

Cold winter wind may be a welcome change from hot temperatures but it’s not that pleasant on the skin. When the wind chafes the skin, friction from it is like rubbing sandpaper on one’s skin. A severe windburn can leave your skin sore and red. In fact, it might even make your skin peel. To prevent the cold wind from chafing your skin, you’d better use a thick moisturizer like Nivea Cream. You can also apply petroleum jelly. Although many people do not really like petroleum jelly, you better buy some because it is an excellent shield from cold, biting wind. Aside from these, you should also get a scarf and a ski mask to protect your skin.