Olive Oil and Your Skin

Essential oils have been used for centuries. Although they have many uses, these oils are usually a wonderful skin care ingredient. Among many different kinds of oils, olive oil may be the most popular. If you have olive oil in your cupboards, you are in luck because you can immediately use olive oil to make your skin look more radiant.

If you are not a fan of homemade skin care, you can always take a look at products from your local department store. There are quite a few products that have olive oil extract in them and this includes olive oil body butters, olive oil soap, olive oil body lotion, cleansers and even shampoo with olive oil.

However, using olive oil straight from the bottle is a much better idea because you know that you are actually using olive oil instead of a product that may only have a very small portion of olive oil in it.

What good is olive oil though? According to history, the Egyptians used olive oil for skin care and this of course includes the legend Cleopatra. The Greeks and the Phoenicians also used olive oil to make their skin look more beautiful. What is great about olive oil is that it heals dry skin and even softens cuticles and heals brittle nails. It is also a wonderful ingredient for conditioning one’s hair.

If you think your skin is getting drier by the second, you might want to try olive oil –both internally and externally. Applying some on your skin will make your skin more elastic and therefore more beautiful and younger-looking. Eating it of course is a good idea. Using it for cooking is one way but if you are really bent on seeing results pronto, you can take 2 tablespoons of olive oil a day and take it like medicine. This will improve your immune system too.