Skin Lightening/Bleaching Products

Skin bleacing productsThe one area of my skin care regiment that I am never satisfied with is skin bleaching/lightening products. Years ago, I used the Obaji products that contained 4% hydroquinone and it worked beautifully. My freckled, sun damaged skin became flawless after about 3 months of use. Fast forward 6 years, having two children (and the pigmentation issues that come with pregnancy), limited sun exposure (but exposure never-the-less), and I need to do a skin bleaching regimen again. However, the FDA banned all products that contain anything but very minimal amounts of hydroquinone. I was told by a dermatologist that I should do laser treatments to get rid of the damage. I did, and saw little results after the $500 cost. He also told me I would need several laser treatments per area to be satisfied with the results. MMMk, I need to correct problems on my back, chest and face, so the math is a bit intimidating. I don’t doubt that the laser treatments would work over time, but, my goodness, seven years ago they had an ingredient that worked wonders for treating freckled and sun damaged skin, surely there is something on the market today that works?!

As someone who has used many skin care products I always, always, read customer reviews before I buy a product. I came across Stone Crop Serum based on the 5 star reviews, but I noticed many of the people that wrote reviews also tried laser treatments (like moi). The reviewers said that this product worked better than laser, while noting that it takes a few weeks before you see results. I can relate to that as the Obaji I used years ago took a few weeks to get noticeable results. Another thing I noted in the reviews was a woman who used it on her eyes as the pigment had darkened due to her use of an eyelash growth product. She said that because Eminence Stone Crop is organic it didn’t bother her eyes. And lastly, but not least, it’s reasonably priced. At about $42, I will save thousands using this product as opposed to lasers, even if I have to buy two or three bottles. Needless to say, it’s in the mail, and I will write my review, here, when I use it. Check out the reviews for yourself!