Of skincare products and upper lip waxing

Taking care of one’s skin is difficult because sometimes you have to ask yourself which product is the best product for you. With so many brands out there advertising themselves as the best of the best in the market, it is safe to concur that choosing which products or which brands you should use for your skin is definitely not a walk in the park.

However, aside from choosing which night cream is best for you or which facial foam will get rid of those dark spots, blackheads or acne, there are also other questions that many of us would like answered. Women in particular always struggle to look their best and even if we are not that different from men i.e. we have skin problems, have hair on certain parts of our bodies sometimes even on our face, it is still not acceptable for us to have hair on certain areas. One good example is the upper lip. Women would love to be hairless when it comes to their faces and sometimes, having facial hair can feel so embarrassing. What should a woman do to get rid of facial hair? Instead of plucking it, getting it waxed is a good idea but another question comes up –will my upper lip hair be thicker when it grows back?

The answer is no because when waxing, the wax makes it possible to uproot the old hair and facilitate the growth of a new one i.e. baby-like hair. Many women wax their upper lips regularly and their upper lip hair do not grow any thicker. Getting an upper lip wax means you will be hair free for almost a month and when your hair grows back in, you can either get it waxed again or just leave it be because it won’t be that noticeable.