Dry Skin: Tips and Tricks

Having dry skin is truly annoying but there are ways to be rid of dry skin and finally get glowing, well-moisturized skin. No you do not have to bathe in oil to do that but you can use some oil. Applying olive oil, baby oil, or virgin coconut oil before you take a bath or a shower is a good idea. After taking your bath or shower, you should pat your skin dry without letting all of the water evaporate and then you should apply lotion allover your body. Doing this routine everyday is a wonderful and affordable way of getting rid of dry skin.

Many would not agree that hydrating is the best way to keep the skin moisturized but really, the body works in wondrous ways and ways that science cannot even explain. Let’s just say you are what you eat and drink which means that your nourishment or lack thereof will show on your skin so we advise that you hydrate. Drinking plenty of water is a good idea according to dermatologist and if you really have very dry skin, you can purchase one of those water mists that you can spray on to freshen up. These mists are not advisable if you are in a very cold place though because the mist will just disappear in the air since there is not enough water. If you are in a place with high humidity however, mists prove to be very useful.

Another thing you should keep in mind especially during seasons of low humidity i.e. wintertime is to stop exfoliating. Well, you do not have to stop altogether, you just have to do that once a month and not daily. While exfoliation can help those with dry skin, overdoing it will only make your skin drier than before.