Dry Skin During Winter

Ah..it’s that time of the year when it’s snowing and windy and you can wear all your fashionable winter clothes again. For those who have dry skin however, wintertime is hell. Here are a few tips for you to survive winter looking fabulous because of your glowing skin and nope, we aren’t talking about skin products.

According to skin experts, you should use a humidifier at home so that there is moisture in the air. During winter, humidity dips to 40% which is bad for your skin. Did you ever wonder why people from the tropics usually have glowing skin? The reason is the humidity.

Another advise from dermatologists is for you to take shorter showers during wintertime and not because it is cold, your showers should be hot. The hotter the water you use for your showers or baths, the drier your skin will be. Reduce the water temperature to the lowest possible, well as cold as you can stand that is and limit shower time to less than 10 minutes.

You should pay attention to the soap you are using during this time of year. A milk-based soap is a good choice. You may be a fan of soap that gets rid of bacteria and all that but soap such as these usually make your skin dry. Limiting your soap use is also a good idea. Dr. Obagi said that water on its own can already cleanse the face and other parts of the body and that you only have to use soap on your armpit and the groin.

Using a gentle daily cleanser is also advisable during winter. A water-based one is the best of course.  There are a number of cleansers out there that make the cut and they are relatively cheap too.

Do not forget to apply lotion after your daily shower to lock in the moisture.