Acne Natural Remedies

Do you have acne? Acne is an annoying skin disorder and thisis something that is caused by oily skin and clogged pores. Before you startbuying creams and other anti-acne products you should try natural home remediesfirst because most of the time, the best treatments can come from your kitchenshelves and your fridge.

The Berry Treatment

Mix 50 grams of raspberries, blackberries and strawberriesand boil in a liter of water. Let it boil for around 3 minutes. Once lukewarm,you should apply this on your skin to make it itch free.

Yogurt and Outmeal

Mixing fine oatmeal and unflavored yogurt to a thick pasteis an effective treatment for pimples or acne. Leave the paste to dry in yourskin and then wash your face with lukewarm water. Pat your skin dry and thenapply the antibiotic lotion that your dermatologist gave you.

Aloe Vera Treatment

To heal acne-damaged skin, you can apply any Aloe Vera basedproduct on your skin. Aloe Vera is a natural ingredient for healing, it is alsoused to heal wounds and scratches.

Orange Peel

Mincing orange peel and applying it on your face is a goodway to get vitamin C for the surface of your skin. Aside from that, it willkill the virus (your pimples) on your skin and help in preventing those pimplesfrom coming back.