Deadly Skin Diseases

Ailments that afflict the skin are difficult to live with. Although most skin diseases only cause nominal pain or irritation, their visual effects can cause a range of problems and these problems are mostly related to self-confidence. Most skin afflictions cause scarring and in more extreme cases disfigurement. Because there are a range of skin diseases they can either be almost unnoticeable to life-threatening.

We have compiled a list of the deadliest and often nastiest skin diseases that will make acne problems or cellulitis look like little schoolboys.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. A hereditary condition, this skin affliction makes the skin super elastic making those who have this disease suffer from tissue weakness. They also bruise pretty easily but what really is sad is that the disease also makes one’s joints very weak.


What causes it?

Collagen abnormality


Harlequin Ichthyosis. A rare ailment that causes death usually on newborn babies, HI results to the formation of hard plaques on the skin restricting movement for the little ones who are afflicted by it. Infants who have this disease usually look like they are wearing armor. Infants with HI die in a matter of days. Death is usually caused by bacterial infections including infection of the respiratory tract.


What causes it?

Gene mutation


Epidermolysis Bullosa. The affliction has several ranges of severity the most common of which is getting blisters just by getting touched. Those who suffer from more severe types of this disease also suffer from glistering of the esophagus and the mouth, webbed hands and feet. This is a deadly skin affliction and so far, a cure is yet to be discovered. What is really disturbing about it is that those who suffer from extreme Epidermolysis Bullosa have to be fed using a tube and their esophagi have to be dilated often.


What causes it?

The disease is the coming together of several hereditary skin ailments.