What happens when you get a Brazilian wax?

Thinking of getting a bikini wax –a Brazilian to be exact? Here are the things you should keep in mind if you signed up to get one. Introduced in the city of New York in the late 80s by 7 Brazilian sisters, this rather popular bikini wax is not your regular bikini wax because a Brazilian wax means hair elimination from the front to the back. Contrary to what many believe, there are two types of Brazilian waxes, one where a landing strip is left in the front, and one that will leave you hairless. Now that you have decided to get a Brazilian wax for the summer, what should you expect during your appointment?

Well do not fear, much like other wax jobs, waxing will be done in a private room. You will usually be asked to remove your pants and of course your underwear in preparation for the waxing. In most spas or salons, you will be provided with a paper thong.

You would only need ¼ of an inch of hair for the wax to work so if your hair down there is longer than this, the person doing the job would have to trim your pubic hair to the right length. You must ensure though that your hair is long enough. Otherwise, you would have to say bye-bye for the meantime and come back when it is long enough for the wax to be able to remove it.

Once the waxer determines that your hair is in the right length, she will apply talcum powder on your skin because this helps in keeping the wax from sticking to your skin. After this, a wooden waxing stick will be dipped into a hot pot of wax. Your waxer may blow on it a little to ensure that it’s not too hot and then onto your skin it shall go. It will be spread on your skin and your hair. If your pain threshold is a little too shallow, you might want to get a hard wax. A hard wax is thicker and later on peeled off when it cools down. This of course is less painful.