Where to get Botox in Frisco, Texas

Botox is the one and only proven wrinkle remover. I have been doing it for about a year now and I love it. I have learned a lot, though, from going tdifferent med spas and doctors. Finally, I have found a place that offers Botox at a fair, competitive price, and I have never had a complication. I haven’t even had a bruise since going to my current place. Here is what you need to know when shopping for a Botox treatment. A licensed Botox esthetician is just as good as a plastic surgeon when administering Botox. They both have the same training in order to lawfully administer the shots. So in that sense, a med spa is as safe as a doctors office. I avoid any place that sells Botox by the area as opposed as by the unit. This is because most of the time you need varying amounts in different ares of your face. For example, I don’t want to be completely movement-less when I smile, so I get a lot less Botox at my crows feet and between my brows than I do in my forehead. To be exact, I get 16 units in my forehead, 8 units between my eyes and 6 units per eye. The results are exactly what I want. I pay $12 per unit and get all three areas done for $436. If I were paying per area, I would pay almost $600. Also, when you pay a flat fee, like a certain price per area, there is the chance that the Botox is watered down. The first place I went for Botox did all three areas of my face for a flat fee. They used three full syringes of what I thought was Botox.The results were OK, but it wasn’t until I found my current place that I saw the results of undiluted Botox. Fabulous! Also the entire 36 units of undiluted Botox barely filled a third of one vial. The results last about three months, but I go back a little less than that, just to get the Botox in before the lines come back. The best price I have found for Botox in the Frisco, TX area is $12 a unit. Sometimes certain places run specials, like an in-office Botox party, for $10 or $11 a unit. Those are great, but they are usually on a select date, after business hours. Finding the right place for your initial Botox treatment is important, because you may need to tweak the amounts you get in different areas of your face, and the place you go will have records of how many units you used per area for reference.

UPDATE: I went to a med spa here in North Plano/Frisco to get Botox because I needed to go on a Saturday and my regular place isn’t open on Sat. I had some extra $$ so I got 4 more units per area on my face (20 units on forehead, 12 units per eye, and 6 between my brows). Long story short, I got ripped off. The Botox was severely watered down. My eyeslook like the Botox didn’t work at all, and desite using 20 units in my forehead when I usually get 16, my forehead moves when I wrinkle my brow. The little that it did work is starting to wear off and it’s been one month. I can’t tell you the name of the spa, but let’s just say it’s NOT on the list below. I’m gonna stick with my regular from now on.

Below are places in the Frisco area where you can get Botox. Included are Botox prices.


Azure Med Spa
2840 Legacy Drive, Ste 200
Frisco, TX 75034
Just South of Warren on Legacy
(972) 294-6992

Serena Med Spa

Preston Center
8455 Kate Street,
Dallas, TX 75225
(Across from Starbucks)
Phone: 972-591-2163
SPECIAL – BOTOX Thursdays & Saturdays
Botox cost: $11.50/unit of Botox (20 units min)
Regular price: $15 per unit of Botox

Sona MedSpa

1125 Legacy Drive Suite # 220
Frisco, TX 75034
(817) 382-4076
Botox cost: $12 per unit of Botox


Presbyterian Plano Center for Diagnostics and Surgery (Adjacent to Presbyterian Plano Hospital)
6020 W. Parker Road, Suite 400
Plano, TX 75093
Phone: 972.620.FACE (3223)
Botox cost: $199 per area

Dr. Roberts Cosmetic Surgery Center

3001 N Dallas Parkway
Suite E
Plano, Texas 75093
Phone: 972-608-0000
Botox cost: $189 per area

I get my Botox at: 

5575 Warren Parkway
Suite 208
Frisco TX 75034
(866) 383-1389
Botox cost: $12 a unit of Botox

Innovations Facial Plastic Surgery

6545 Preston Road, Suite 200
Plano, TX 5024
Botox cost: $15 per unit of Botox

Renaissance Plastic Surgery

6105 Windcom Ct.
Suite 150
Plano, TX 75093
Phone:(972) 378-3870
Botox cost: $12 per unit of Botox