Botox versus beauty creams

Botox vs. Wrinkle Creams

Botox vs Wrinkle CreamsDoctors keep many secrets and they keep secrets about wrinkles creams as well. This however is not a generalization because some doctors will tell you outright what topical creams will do to you. But what are the things they’re keeping from patients? Many doctors especially those in the cosmetics department say that wrinkle creams do not work and never really did. They claim that they just nourish the skin and will not repair or get rid of wrinkles. If aesthetics doctors said otherwise they would lose their jobs because the truth is, there are many good products out there that can “fix” your wrinkles. If you find a product that helps increase collagen production, you’re already good to go. Wrinkles form because of the reduction of collagen in the body as we grow old so if you fix this problem, you will be able to get rid of those wrinkles and fine lines. You would need to use the cream for a very long time though to maintain its effects.

Going under the knife is not fun and why should you subject yourself to a procedure if you’d have to return to the doctor, pay another outrageous fee for maintenance? For those who choose botox, it’s not entirely a bad idea because it brings faster results compared to wrinkle creams. But whatever method you choose, be sure that you and your pocket are comfortable with it.