Botox and its Side Effects

Are you seriously considering getting injected with BOTOX? This prescription medicine is used by cosmetic surgeons to tighten the facial skin of their patients. What many do not know however is that the effects of BOTOX is only temporary and may cause several side effects as well. It’s case to case basis, some people do not have any side effects at all while others do. These side effects are not the usual headache or vomiting because they can be life threatening. Some of the side effects include problems speaking because the muscles on your skin are already numb. Some people even have difficulty swallowing and breathing making your Botox experience rather difficult if you did not react well to the injected drug. Whats worse is that the toxin may even spread in areas where it’s not supposed to spread. If you start feeling weak or suddenly losses your strength, have double or blurred vision -it signals that you call your doctor immediately. Letting this pass will not do you any good because botulinum toxin is already spreading in your body and you can’t fight that by just drinking water and eating lots of fruits. You may even loss bladder control if it spreads in other parts of your body.

Before you go to a cosmetic surgeon, you have to ask him or her about the side effects and how they can be treated. Difficulty swallowing and speaking may last 7 months for some so be sure that you are prepared for such consequences. If you have already decided on getting a treatment like this, you should tell your cosmetic surgeon about all your muscle conditions. If you have allergic reactions to the prescription medicine, do not get a treatment just because of aesthetics purposes, after all, your skin will go back to its normal form after a short period of time.