Botox Alternative Dysport In Circulation

Botox Cosmetic and Botox and Dysport are U.S. FDA approved to treat expression lines/facial wrinkles; both are derived from a botulinum protein type A.

The Botox alternative, Dysport is just now getting more patient feedback. The results seem to be mixed. Some people say it’s just as good or better than Botox, while others say it doesn’t work at all. Dysport has to be mixed differently than Botox, and a less experienced physician or esthetician may not know the difference and dilute the Dysport to be ineffective. Based on the before and after pictures of Dysport, it seems to do exactly what Botox does, but it’s results happen quicker (within a few days). The costs of the two are quite different (1 unit of Botox = 2.5 units of Dysport), however you need more Dysport to get the same results with less Botox. The price wars haven’t quite begun, but as the effectiveness of Dysport becomes more known, there will be competitions in price. Many doctors are holding off on administering Dysport until more data and results are known.

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Botox effects for men After Botox
Before dysport after dysport

Before and after pictures of Dysport.

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