Harmless virus brings new light in search for acne cure

A lot of people are suffering from acne but there might be some good news according to the BBC because scientists have found that a harmless virus can actually treat this skin condition. The virus they are now calling Phage seems to be naturally built in the skin to target Propionibacterium acnes  or the bacteria that commonly causes acne.

The University of Pittsburg and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) found that there are 11 kinds of Phage viruses that have the power to get rid of acne and reports say that they are now working on harnessing this virus for it to be developed as a therapy or as a cure for acne.

Other research institutes have also voiced their interest in phages because acne is definitely a big problem for a lot of people.

In an interview with the BBC, Professor Robert Modlin said that “Acne affects millions of people,”. Although there are a lot of treatments out there that are already available, some treatments are not as good as others and the phage might be something that will cure acne in a more effective and more natural manner.

Where does acne come from? Acne is usually caused by the Propionibacterium acnes –a bacterium that lives on clogged pores and since the body’s immune system is usually alarmed because of the presence of bacteria in the body, pimples come out.

Hermione Lawson, of the British Skin Foundation, said during her interview with the BBC: “This news is very exciting. Acne is a common condition that affects up to eight in 10 individuals [aged] between 11 and 30 in the UK, and at present there is no ‘cure’ for the skin disease.

Can’t wait for phages to be available? There are no results yet from this study and the scientists haven’t harnessed the virus so while you wait, you may have to look for the best topical treatments for acne available in the market.


‘Harmless’ skin virus fights acne